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About Guaranteed Departures

Rocky Mountain Excursions specializes exclusively in the Rocky Mountain West. However, we are also affiliated with Travel Alliance Partners, a consortium of, at present, thirty-eight (38) tour operators in the United States and Canada, whose product lines, collectively designated as “Guaranteed Departures,” span the globe and provide year-round tour opportunities. We believe that this partnership will allow us to provide maximal flexibility in fulfilling our clients’ travel needs. In perusing tours available through TAP, you will find that some tours are designated as “scheduled” whereas the majority are listed as “guaranteed.” From a logistical standpoint, scheduled tours are identical to those offered by most tour operators; they are scheduled to depart on a specific date, contingent upon sufficient demand, in terms of actual bookings, for the tour to be financially viable. As the booking window closes to within 30-45 days of scheduled departure, such tour operators reserve the right to cancel any tour for which insufficient demand has been expressed. On the other hand, tours listed as “Guaranteed Departures” are guaranteed to run on the date scheduled, regardless of the number of paying customers, thus providing clients a much higher level of confidence that the time which they have set aside for travel purposes will be spent on the tour of their choice.